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Yourself                                                                             is a solo tabletop role playing game about Introspection, Identity, and Heritage. You play as a character who has discovered they are a Changeling, a fae amongst humans, and through the game you will explore  changes, challenges, joy, and most importantly what it means to be Yourself.

You will go through 5 Acts answering questions and prompts to figure yourself out through your past, your present, and your hopes for future.


Game Contents

  • 20 Page pdf
  • 5 Acts
  • 4 Sonnets
  • 14 Prompts per Act
  • BW Word only PDF
  • txt File

This game was made In Memory of ANAMNESIS

Anamnesis copyright Samantha Leigh

Special thanks to Momatoes for their game the MAGUS for visual inspiration


Basic Info

Players: 1

Items Needed: Tarot or French Deck, Recording Method, Optional Dice

Session Time: ~1 hour


Actual Play and Videos

CASTT Gamers - A Two person playthrough of Yourself:


You may hack, modify, and make supplementals for Yourself and charge for it as you see fit

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Tagsfae, journaling, Queer, single-player, Singleplayer, solo, Solo RPG, Tabletop, Tarot, Transgender


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We played this game for an episode of Alone at the Table!


Yourself makes you think about all of the ways you have experienced othering or hurt while creating a little changeling that is pitted against a world that doesn't understand them. In the span of about an hour and a half, I created someone who struggled to break away from a family that loved them but didn't understand them, and how to strike out on your own. This game makes you think and makes you feel, and the added element of the tarot influencing your decisions makes it feel all the more punchy when you pull a card that you know has a deeper meaning to it. Highly recommend, what a wonderful and soul wrenching experience.


Beautiful game. I shared my thoughts and playthrough on my blog:


But mostly I just want to say thank you for this.


A magical portal into your own soul, holding the mirror up to your past and seeing yourself as the wonderful being you truly are.

I decided to go through every prompt in a journal, and each one let me accept myself in a fuller light. Thank you~


This was really lovely to play. I wrote a few pages down and unexpectedly cried a little as it really helped me think through some things. I used it as a self-reflection but I feel like it has a lot of potential to play in different ways, for example to explore a character.

Thank you for the amazing game! <3


Doing highlights of the Solo and Not Alone Bundle 3 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RabbitMatchGame/status/1617313151447621632

For those avoiding the cesspool: 

From https://itch.io/b/1692/solo-but-not-alone-3: It's tempting to lose yourself in @KadenRamstack's "Yourself's" lush graphics, but there are also many valuable insights into the illusion of determinism and its potency. Be prepared to unshackle and surprise yourself while playing (repeatedly).


Yourself has a spread of amazing prompts that really hit the mark. I knew this game was an allegory going in, but when Act 2 arrived I felt it. I was like 'oh damn, yeah I get it, this rocks.'

What with the tarot deck, Yourself is super replayable. I highly recommend it!

Thanks Kaden for writing such an awesome game :D


I was lucky enough to play this game with my friend for a live actual play. We had an extremely powerful and cathartic play through where we were able to explore what makes us different. We simplified the game a bit for our own use as the original rules had a lot of card drawing. As two Neurodivergent folx we drew one tarot card per act instead of 3 and we made a spreadsheet to organize everything. This helped us a lot.  It is a solid game with some excellent prompts. It could benefit from some simplification, or some way to help the player organize the information. We enjoyed the layout of the full color pdf but ultimately used the plain text version tax it was easier for us to read while playing. 

Thank you so much for this lovely game!! I look forward to playing more of Kaden’s games. 


This was a beautiful, surprisingly healing little game. You're as free as you want to make it all truth or all fiction or anything in between, and either way it cuts deep.

Thank you so much for your kind words!


I really enjoyed this game and the reflection it inspires. Thanks for sharing! 

I posted a full-length review on my site.

My dnd character is a changeling and I think this would be a good way to write their journal


I'm only just getting into solo RPG's and I love this so much! My tarot set is space themed and that definitely influenced my story. I really like how you encouraged that because so many tarot sets have beautiful art.

I ended up with such a beautiful mix of my story, my cards and your prompts to have something that was able to look into some very real feeling in a way that felt very safe. 

The game looks beautiful and is so well written!  Thank you

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you were able to incorporate your deck into the writing!

I really liked your game. It was such a nice oportunity to tell myself the story of my coming-out once again, perhaps from a bit different perspective. 

Thank you so much! I'm so glad it was able to connect with you in that way!


I just wrote four full pages by hand, including both a full sonnet and a short song. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I haven’t done this much original fiction in one day in years!


I'm so glad you loved it and it could inspire you!! ❤