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It's 2013 and Xenga is Shutting Down

One blogger, in a desperate attempt to keep and record all of their writings, is exporting all of their posts. This wouldn't be a problem for most people, except they wrote nearly 10 posts a day for a good 10 years and they have lost their password.

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Un-Navigatable solo tabletop role playing game about saving your Xenga blog as it prepares to shut down in 2013. This game is part writing the blog posts themselves and writing about the trials of preservation.  A gif of a rose blooming

You will use a tumbling block tower to represent how long until Xenga shuts down, but beware the 4 Kings! Should you draw all 4 you will succumb to embarrassment and won't be able to finish. A gif of a rose blooming

This is a game about going back and looking at old blog entries and being deeply, deeply embarrassed at your past self either through your past actions or how you used to write your posts. A gif of a rose blooming

This game is also a celebration of the freedom experienced in youth when you were unashamed to write and share your deepest feelings on the internet. Your interests at the time might be embarrassing now, but they do not make you a bad person then or now. This is a game about laughing at the folly of youth, not hating yourself for past interests or interactions. a cutesy heart in a jar

Cringe is Dead

Love Yourself


Game Engine

Wretched and Alone


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Players: 1

Items Needed: 

  • Playing Cards
  • 1 six-sided die
  • Tumbling Block Tower
  • Writing Implements

Session Time:   ~2 Hours


Game Contents


  • Plain PDF 
  • Epub
  • txt File


  • Full illustration PDF





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There is auto-play on the second page of the website


This game was made for

the Dead Internet Jam

Death and the Internet Jam



Xanga is trademarked by Xanga.com, Inc. This game is not affiliated with or supported by Xanga or Xanga.com, Inc.

Feel free to post playthroughs, art, and reviews in the comments below.

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Tagsblog, journaling, Singleplayer, solo, Solo RPG, solottrpg, wa, wretchedandalone, xanga


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I'm interested in playing this but I don't really have access to a tumbling block tower (and wouldn't have any use for one after playing); do you have any recommendations for alternative methods?


yes, I'd recommend this 100d6 roller


I look forward to playing this, I noticed you named it un-navigatable. Was there a reason you named it that instead of ‘unnavigable’?

it came from this quote on Wikipedia! 


This was really cathartic. I didn't have a blog during my prime cringe teen years, but I think feeling embarrassed by your younger self is universal. It was nice to see the layers, the younger self wrapped up in the moment, and the older self who feels compassion for their younger self and wants to save a record of who they used to be.


I played on stream today! here's the video 


Don't forget to listen to the Playlist when playing! 





Omg this looks so cool


love the 2000s' aesthetic

hell yeah let's dance flashy tecktonik!


OMG okay I'm definitely intrigued

- ✨Beth


Thank you! it's going to be a Wretched and Alone hack about trying to save your blog posts before Xanga shuts down!