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How much have you seen? How far have you gone?

Have you known of the cloaked, ballad places? 

The maps are all vain with cities redrawn

But still lost are the in between spaces


The night, the ghosts, and the place that’s not there,

The ossuary, the burrowed, and coin,

The speech-given beasts, and a peak to bear

Laden index before godheads adjoin 


Go now and travel to seek long far lands,

That ink and mind and cursed medleys lost,

Ere long expunged from cartographer’s hand,

Now given to you to print and emboss  


You can go it alone, or join up with your friend;

May the start of your journey be seen to the end


This is a system agnostic zine consisting of 7 unique places for your next table top game! This zine is formatted for US Letter and contains files that both includes margins (listed as Bleed Edge) and one that is full sized in both PDF and PNG.

Feel free to use for any personal or commercial game session. 

There is also a Screen version of the PNG which contains all the pages in the same direction

There is also a text document that contains just the Place Names,  Place Nicknames, and poems

Created for the Pocket Places Jam 2021

Pictures Courtesy of the Public Domain via WikiCommons and OldBookIllustrations.com


If you enjoy these setting you may also enjoy Fallen Places, another system-agnostic settings zine.

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PlacesinVerseBleedEdge.png 11 MB
Places in Verse.txt 1 kB
PlacesinVerseScreen.png 9 MB
PlacesinVerseScreen.pdf 9 MB


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While I get that this was designed as a foldable zine, I am giving a lot of thought to printing this out and making into a small deck of cards. The art is so pretty, the verses so evocative, and the ability to draw one at random really intrigues to me.

I'm picturing it for character generation ("where are you from?") as well as random settlements and/or rumors for players to explore ("There's a song you've heard about this place. It goes..."). 

I'm just captivated by this thing today. It's so lovely! 


thank you so much! I was thinking while I was making them that they would make neat cards too! I'm glad someone else had that idea!