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Long Exposure is a bare-bones setting and ghost guide made for the Camera Jamera.

These settings were intended for the game Shudderspeed by Richard Kelly but do not contain stats and may easily be adapted for any system.

Also recommended is StarshineScribble's Shudder Speed(ier) rules expansion for Shudderspeed.


These settings were written with the intent to provide inspiration for a GM to then complete and write their own campaign.

Each setting contains a small paragraph describing the location, 3 Ghosts players may find, and extremely vague hints on how to completely exorcise the ghosts from the setting. 

Some Ghosts are setting specific, while others are generic enough to appear in any setting. Feel free to mix and match or adjust each Ghost to appear in different places.

There are reoccurring themes for each setting but how and why they are haunted are not provided and are up to the GM to create. 

Ghost deaths and desires are also not listed and are up to the GM if they wish to create or include in their game.


Contained are the following Settings:

  1. The Soon and Past Damned Village
  2. A Manor of Exquisite Taste
  3. City Innards
  4. The Shackled Light
  5. The Ashen City


Content Warnings: Highlight to Read

  • Eye Trauma
  • Things in Ears
  • Weird Teeth  / Too many teeth
  • Broken Bones and Neck
  • Drowning
  • Bloated Corpses
  • Human Sacrifice
  • Choking / Being unable to breathe
  • Burning / Melting bodies

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I love the pun in the title, and the question the last ghost on the last page heavily implies.  Good stuff. It's hard to have color photography as a background without conflicting with the text, but the author (K-Ramstack) pulls it off flawlessly.


Long Exposure is a setting guide and bestiary expansion for Shudderspeed (or any other game that needs ghosts.)

The PDF is 4 pages, but half are presented as spreads, so about 6 pages of material total.

The layout feels extremely back-of-the-Fatal-Frame-box, and the art uses filters to get a variety of neat and thematic visual effects. There's film-grainy woods, old-timey sepia cameras, a castle with ominous red interior lighting---it looks great.

Contents-wise, there are five exploreable locations in Long Exposure, each with three ghosts, a descriptive text box, and a way to finally exorcise the area.

Mechanically, the new ghosts all have trigger conditions. "This ghost appears on staircases," "this ghost appears when a player is alone," etc, and this allows the ghosts to contour to whatever story the group tells. The scenarios in this supplement don't include maps, and they don't have to. The ghosts are adaptive.

From a writing perspective, this is a treasure trove. The ghosts all wear very specific markers from their death in their lingering forms, and they range from comprehensible but eerie to oh god oh god oh god run. The Boxed, The Teeth, and The Photographer are absolute standouts, but they're all good.

Overall, this is a great packet of ghost-related content. If you're planning to run Shudderspeed, or if you want to put some stats to an eerie location, pick this up.

Minor Issues:

-The Silhouettes "These ghosts appear windowless hallways and corridors" is missing an 'in'


Fixed the typo! I also changed it to individual pages instead of the spreads since that was what I originally had intended