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5 Act Play is a solo roleplaying game where the player creates a 5 Act Shakespearean play based around drawing cards and using prompts to create drama!

Use the tarot deck to create characters, motives and plot elements!


Game Contents

  • A basic introduction to the 5 Act Structure
  • 5 Acts and Setup
  • 26 Page PDF (Including cover and back)
  • BW Text only PDF
  • TXT File
  • HTML File
  • EPUB File


Basic Info

Players: 1

Items Needed: Recording Method, Tarot Deck or Playing Cards 1d6 1d20 for alternatives

Session Time: ~1 hour



This game was made In Memory of ANAMNESIS

Anamnesis copyright Samantha Leigh

This game was made for the Anamnesis Jam which you can find Here!

This game also uses The Roll-Two Arcana created by TheInstaGrahame


Feel free to leave reviews and playthrough links in the comments! 

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Tagsjournaling, shakespeare, single-player, Singleplayer, solo, Solo RPG, theater


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This was great fun! I ended up making a play about griffins and complicated relationships. A kind of tragi-comedy?

You can read it here if you like!:


Thanks Kaden!


Thank you so much for sharing!!!


Nothing is more fun than pretending to be a famous play author. The game is effective in giving you the tools to whip up a convincing cast of characters with fitting motives and kickstarting what can turn out to be either an interesting exercise or a fun way to pass the time. I can see myself playing this with friends and then voting on the best play afterwards, too! As a teacher, I also just appreciate the game as a way to playfully learn about the five-act structure. :)