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I had so much fun playing this as a 2-player game with my friend! We told the story of a high school outcast and her co-worker, who became friends, lovers, and...exes, but still happily within each other's lives. It was such a wonderful experience!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad it worked for two people too!

Hi there! I've played this and had a lot of fun. I also got really inspired and am making a version of this that is basically the same rules but using tea recipes and drinks from a video game. Is it alright if I shared it with others?

Absolutely! I'd love to see it when you are finished! This game is a hybrid of Alone Among the Stars by Takuma Okada and Carta by Cat McDonald, so make sure you credit them too! 

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Just tried playing this game and I quite liked it, thanks!

Although my play time was just 15 minutes, probably because I didn't elaborate on the exact words being said and just described the general idea of how the convesation went and what were the main takeaways.


A video review for a tasty cuppa!


I love the design of this game and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Nice work!


This is a lovely game to play over the course of an afternoon with your own cup of tea.

I made a short video review: