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this is a wonderful game and a great tool for worldbuilding

Just played through my first session of this and was inspired to make a hack/reimagining of it using tarot cards. Would you have any qualms about me making it available for download? (with credit to you and Takuma, ofc)


no problems at all! Go right ahead! 


thanks for the quick reply! it's been posted

Just got this as part of the bundle, and I think it's pretty good! Though I'm not sure if there's a way to possibly get a transparent version of the grid? In case if someone is more digital leaning.

Besides that this is a good guideline for world building!

just added the transparent png! 

Oh sweet thanks! Wasn't expecting it but thank you!

omg, I just made some days ago a lost and found game in which you are a map! And now I find this <3 
I need to try this one! <3 

I haven't done much worldbuilding before, but this was a wonderful and simple way to start :) My map certainly isn't a masterpiece but I'm really happy with how the randomized options inspired the journaling aspect.

Thank you so much! My own map for the game was a bunch of chicken scratch :)


An elegant way to generate a map with plenty of geographical elements and cities/towns etc, and a great twist on the Alone game mechanics. For a smaller map, use d4s instead of d6s and a 4x4 map.

This could be hacked to generate city maps as well, maybe dungeons or odd haunted mansions too. Very lovely!

Thank you so much for the nice review!

Fun game that helps with world building!